Gov. DeSantis Sending Planes to Israel-Bringing Back Americans & Delivering Supplies


by James S. Soviero

While Biden wants Americans stranded in Israel to sign promissory notes paying for their passage out, Gov. Ron DeSantis has been marshaling Florida’s resources to bring Floridians home and delivering supplies to that Jewish State.

He said, “Just a few days ago, I signed an Executive Order to allow Florida to carry out logistical, rescue, and evacuation operations to bring Floridians back home and provide important supplies to our valued ally, Israel. I am proud of how quickly we have been able to activate resources and do what the federal government could not – get Floridians and other Americans back home, reunited with their families, free of charge.”

This past  Sunday, Florida partnered with Project Dynamo to bring nearly 300 evacuees, including 91 children, home from Israel.  More than 270 went to Tampa, and seven to Orlando. Once the plane landed in Tampa, evacuees were able to access resources from multiple state agencies.

On Tuesday, the Florida Division of Emergency Management sent two cargo planes holding 85 pallets of donated supplies, which will reach Israel tomorrow. Items on the planes include medical supplies, clothing items, hygiene products, and children’s toys.

DeSantis commented, “With the lack of leadership in Washington, we are stepping up to help our allies in Israel who are in need of supplies and our support.  As we continue to bring back Americans who were stranded in Israel when the war began, we will also keep sending the necessary health care supplies for Israel to care for those who have been injured.”

When we first heard Americans essentially had to pay to be rescued and would not necessarily be sent directly back to the USA, it seemed, given border jumpers being flown all over our country free for nothing, just like a bad joke.  Then we confirmed the joke was on us.

Good to see Gov. DeSantis stepping up.  You’d hope it might shame Biden and his cronies into “doing the right thing.”  But if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that those America-last folks have no shame.

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