Gov DeSantis signs great election bill ON FOX & FRIENDS


Governor DeSantis signed his new election bill right on Fox & Friends this morning. It was great. The segment began with him talking about having the best economy they have seen in Florida. During COV, they never had to touch the rainy day fund because the officials didn’t lock down the whole state. DeSantis followed the science and took care of the vulnerable instead.

The state has the revenue to double their rainy day fund.

Unlike the past, Biden took money from Florida to give the money to lockdown states. The Biden admin is rewarding bad policy — one of the many “perverse incentives.”

DeSantis gave bonuses to the police and emergency workers who did so much for us during COV. He backs the blue.

At about 05:00 on this clip, the Governor signs the new election integrity bill. The bill will enforce voter ID, ban ballot harvesting, prohibit mailing of mass ballots, increase transparency, increase election integrity, prohibit private money from running elections [like Zuckerbucks], and more.

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