Gov Kemp nukes lying Biden, the MLB, Stacey Abrams on Fox & Friends


Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp appeared on FOX News Channel’s “FOX & Friends Weekend” on Saturday morning, and nuked Major League Baseball, President Joe Biden, and far-left agitator Stacey Abrams for their responses [lies] to the state’s election integrity act.

The MLB announced on Friday that the league would relocate the 2021 All-Star Game and draft from Atlanta to an undetermined location after pressure from the bill’s critics.

The decision came after Biden likened the reforms to “Jim Crow” laws earlier in the week during an interview with ESPN.

It doesn’t take much, even a lie works.

Abrams, a hard-left Democrat who still thinks she’s the governor, had previously called on corporate leaders to “use their clout” and “speak out forcefully against voter suppression bills.”

“It’s unfortunate that Major League Baseball has caved to the cancel culture, and quite honestly, President Biden and Stacey Abrams and a lot of other people are simply lying about this bill to pressure these organizations,” Kemp told FOX & Friends. “This is just a cancel culture, and I’ll tell you, the people at home should be scared because their ballgame is next, their business will be next, their way of life will be next. It is time to stand up and fight this and say, ‘look, we’re not going to take this anymore.’ It’s ridiculous.”

Kemp said they use “buzzwords” like “suppression” to “browbeat” corporate executives into publicly condemning the reforms.

Citing a fact check by The Washington Post that concluded Biden had made false statements about the law, Kemp said the president is partly responsible for creating a distorted narrative that has harmed public discourse.

“It certainly doesn’t help when you have the President of the United States saying that, and nobody in the national media, at least in the mainstream media, will even ask for a correction when he simply lies,” Kemp said. “He’s not being truthful. He continues to lie and mislead about what the bill does.”

Kemp said some vocal opponents of the measure had not specified its alleged flaws “because they know damn well their people were in the Capitol working with us on the bill” before changing their positions.

“What Major League Baseball should do if they have an issue with a provision in the bill, they should simply talk to me about it, because I’d be glad to do it,” Kemp told FOX & Friends. “They have yet to do that. They have yet to bring up one thing that is actually in the bill that they are mad about.”

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