Gov. Newsom Is Building Sheds for the Homeless


California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a plan to build $30 million worth of 1,200 tiny homes (sheds) for the homeless population. They will house the homeless in cities like Los Angeles or San Diego.

They will be built this year, and Gov. Newsom envisioned reducing the homeless population by 15% in one year.

The following communities are set to receive small homes:

Los Angeles: 500 units
Sacramento: 350 units
San Jose: 200 units
San Diego County: 150 units

Gov. Newsom is being congratulated for his innovative approach, and it is, but it’s not addressing the problem. These sheds won’t look any better than the tents. The homeless have drug problems and mental illness.

They would be more successful if they closed the border. The drugs coming over the border and open-air drug dens add to the problem.

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