Gov Newsom Signs a Law Banning Private Illegal Alien Detention Centers


Gavin Newsom, extremely far-left open borders governor

California’s open borders Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Friday that would eliminate private, for-profit prisons and privately-run illegal alien detention centers by 2028. He’s already begun to close them, and he has no intention of building government detention centers. It’s another tactic to promote open borders.

Starting on Jan. 2020, the state’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation won’t be able to enter into or renew a contract with a private, for-profit prison to incarcerate people.

Operating a private immigration detention facility and incarcerating people in for-profit prisons will be prohibited after Jan. 2028, according to the newly signed law. They put the ‘for-profit’ in to make it sound evil in some way.

Hard-left Newsom’s values are promoting open borders, letting criminals go free, and providing sanctuary for all illegal aliens, including criminal illegal aliens.

Newsom stated, “During my inaugural address, I vowed to end private prisons, because they contribute to over-incarceration, including those that incarcerate California inmates and those that detain immigrants and asylum seekers. These for-profit prisons do not reflect our values.”

“CA is officially banning the use of private, for-profit prisons and immigration detention facilities. The multi-billion-dollar industry turning a profit off of incarcerated people must come to an end. No more in California,” he added in a Twitter post.

If he had his way, capitalism would end and no one would ever build another jail. The fact is the liberal/leftist states won’t build prisons and the for-profits do it cheaper than the government.

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