Gov Newsom & Speaker Pelosi made San Francisco an actual s***hole


While we are not allowed to call any place a sh**hole, even when it is, we plan to go out on a limb here. San Francisco is one. The middle class is fleeing and being replaced by fringe people. Only the poor and rich are welcomed in San Fran. Couple that with the welcoming of the homeless and drug addicted from around the world, loosey-goosey policing, and hysterical, unnecessary climate change regulations, and you have a city on the decline.

Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complained about dirty, depressed areas of New York City. It’s ironic since the Socialist AOC doesn’t equate it with the liberal/leftist policies bringing it down.

Fake moderate Michael Bloomberg was replaced by a communist, Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, who has quickly brought it into a downward spiral. The state leadership is about the same. All illegal aliens and homeless are welcomed. Police are not allowed to stop pooping, drugging, loitering on the streets. It will end up like other lib/leftist cities.


The city of San Francisco has poop everywhere. The shocking number of reported instances of human feces found on San Francisco streets since 2011 is somewhere around 118,352 times — the overall population in the city is around 884,000, with more than 7,000 homeless.


Tucker will spend the next few weeks highlighting the decaying cities. There are documentaries on the Sentinel of San Fran, Seattle, and other cities slowly sinking into decay. They are all in liberal/leftist hands. Between the ridiculous climate change regulations and their soft policing, allowing drug addicts to shoot up and defecate in the streets, there is little hope for our cities. Many have sections worse than the third world. I know, I’ve traveled to the third world.

San Fran has had to hire poop patrols. NBC conducted a study months ago of the homelessness, crime, and drug abuse problems ruining huge swaths of San Francisco. Their team found that downtown compares to some of the worst slums in the world.

The opioid crisis is more and more noticeable, but cops are told to ignore it.


Former mayor and current governor Gavin Newsom’s district set it on a path to decline. It’s also Nancy Pelosi’s district.  And now Newsom is doing for the entire state what he did for his district. He is currently in El Salvador to help them with their problems.

Another problem are the free syringes that the addicts just throw around, read about that: DON’T SIT ON THE SYRINGES



  1. I laughed my ass off over the poop map of San Fragshitco. What a perfect metaphor for all the steaming piles that the commies run across America. Forward!

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