Juan’s impeachment without a crime spiel will have your blood boiling


Almost everything Juan says is ignorant and without any basis in fact. It is always an attack on the right. Today, Juan Williams made it clear that he thinks impeachment without a crime is appropriate.

I couldn’t listen to the rest of ‘Outnumbered’ because it’s unwatchable with Juan.

The point was made by one of the hosts that no justice was obstructed since there was no underlying crime.

The truth is the President fully cooperated and gave Mueller everything he wanted. He never asserted Executive Privilege.

As far as off-handed comments the President made, Attorney General Bill Barr said he made allowances for them since Trump was under fire [unfairly] from the day he entered the office.

The Democrats are the loudest and nastiest kids on the block and they won’t quit. The House committees are all devoting themselves to continuing the coup and it is a coup.

Juan wants to get the President for obstruction. Williams said there is no need for an underlying crime to obstruct. Juan stupidly made a twisted case that the President’s team welcomed Russian interference. That isn’t true. The Trump campaign rebuffed all efforts by Obama’s spies pretending to have info from the Russians. Contrary to what Juan said, it is not a crime to take dirt from a Russian. Hillary did it with her dossier!

The Russian interference all took place under Barack Obama’s watch. He and he alone is responsible. Sharyl Attkisson broke it down nicely, right here on this link.


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