Gov. No-Bail Hochul Kicked Out of Wake for Officer Jonathan Diller


Gov. Kathy Hochul attended the wake of murdered NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller. She was present outside the funeral home for about ten minutes when a man in a black suit asked her to leave. They had an intense conversation, and she left.

Several officers clapped and cheered when she left.

Gov. Hochul and the New York City Council have made the laws so lax that Officer Diller was murdered by a career criminal who was released 21 times; 7 of the arrests were for serious felonies, including attempted murder. All the crimes he committed were serious.

As she left, one man was heard screaming, “GET HER OUTTA HERE!” Hochul was there for a photo op.

She is the guiltiest of all. To please the far left, she won’t do anything about the no bail laws.

Hochul is dumping $2.4 billion into illegal migrant care while facilitating the murder of New Yorkers.

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