Hundreds of Thousands of Fish died Amid Dam Removal to Save Fish


Allegedly, for nearly 100 years, four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River have blocked salmon and steelhead trout from reaching more than 400 miles of habitat, encroached on Indigenous culture, and harmed water quality for people and wildlife.

These ‘environmentalists’ are de-growthers who want to turn back progress.

So, amid the removal of the dams, the experts killed the fish.

As many as hundreds of thousands of newly hatched Chinook salmon released into the Klamath River have died due to “gas bubble disease” caused by extreme changes in water pressure, reports The Guardian.

The deadly condition is caused when high pressure aerates water, saturating it with natural gases that form microbubbles inside the bodies of the fish.

That was one of the critics’ concerns before they proceeded. Also, they are losing a great source of electricity.

It is the largest dam removal along the 257-mile river that flows across Oregon and California.

The experts killed the fish.

They released about 830,000 and have three million they produced in a hatchery. This fish slaughter is allegedly temporary.

The administration wants to electrify everything, and they’re okay with destroying hydroelectric dams. Okay then.

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