Governor Blago makes Obama look bad in a Watters’ interview


Former Governor Blagojevich, who had his sentence commuted by Donald Trump, appeared on Watter’s World last night. If what he said is true, it’s a serious indictment against Barack Obama who remains in the shadows, who, as President, never remembered or knew about all the events gone bad that milled about him.

“Did you ever talk to Barack Obama about this Senate seat. Did he have any knowledge about what was going on or not?” Watters asked.

“President Obama began the whole conversation because he sent someone to me as a middleman, a mediator — not unusual in politics — on the night he was elected president to say that he’d like to talk about his choice for the Senate and to see what I might be willing to ask for,” Blagojevich replied.

“[It was] political horse-trading, not what those corrupt prosecutors said it was.”

He added that the mediator was Tom Balanoff, “a big union leader” [SEIU] who the records show spoke at the 2008 Democrat National Convention on behalf of Obama.


The Fox News host asked, “So it was Barack Obama’s understanding that his liaison was going to work with you to appoint the guy that was going to fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, and Barack Obama, incoming president, wanted to know what was going to be in exchange for the seat?” Watters continued.

“President-elect Obama was interested in a candidate for the Senate, and he asked what would you be interested in, those kinds of things, and we began a discussion over the telephone on what we might or might not ask for as part of a horse deal. It was routine policy, not anything corrupt or illegal like they tried to say it was,” Blagojevich replied.

He claims they talked about Cabinet positions and federal money for Illinois and a joke for ambassadorships — tongue-in-cheek.

The current President has the “testicular virility” to do what the former president did not, he said.


Blago was sleazy, but it was the business they did and do in Chicago, that’s true.

CNN leftist Anderson Cooper screamed at him and said he is creating a “whole new universe of facts.” Meanwhile, Cooper works for CNN!!!

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4 years ago

The framing of Blag was a similar scheme and involved the same people that tried to frame Trump. Recordings of related conversations involving Obama and Emanuel were not admitted into the evidence. Blag was railroaded. The prosecutor, Fitzgerald, is the godfather of one of Comey’s children.

4 years ago

CNN, the False Facts Factory, accusing someone else of false facts. Who thought we would one day be living in the Twilight Zone.

Sun Is Shining Over the Fruited Plain
Sun Is Shining Over the Fruited Plain
4 years ago

Be careful Rod. There was just some coincidence theory action in San Francisco.
The people of Illinois who got healthcare for their children and other programs happen to like Rod.