Graffiti on a Poster of a Gay Person Is a HATE CRIME! This is not satire!


The Daily Mail reports on an apparent new rule. If you write graffiti on a poster of an LGBT, it’s a hate crime. Isn’t this a bit overboard?

Someone defaced six posters of Megan Rapinoe with slurs. Now the NYPD is investigating it as a hate crime.

Where does the First Amendment come in?

This took place in a midtown Manhattan subway and the mayor of the city is a communist.

We certainly hope no one finds the person because the punishment will far exceed any reasonable reaction. Megan was not a victim from it and it’s nothing but a lousy poster.

It’s wrong to deface posters but HATE CRIME???

Does this mean any morphing of someone to mock them online could also be a hate crime? There is no end to where this could lead. If you hate someone some official likes, can they imprison you in the future?

The idea of hate crimes was always too subjective and in contradiction to the rule of law. Crimes are crimes and now with everyone but white men in the Democrat protected class, extreme punishments for violating the narrative are the rule of the day.

We go from this insane overreaction in New York to an extreme underreaction in Indiana. Two brothers were manufacturing weapons for ISIS and the most time they can get is 20 years. Then there is the requisite time off for good behavior. Judging from the way things have been going under the Soros justice system, they will be released earlier than that because they are a persecuted minority or something.

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