Graham: ‘dumb, even by the standards of the federal government’


The federal government is opening our borders to thousands of illegal aliens each day, overwhelming Texas which struggled under a winter storm. The aliens are going to be transported far from the border at our expense. One mayor, Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, begged on video for the government to halt the releases.

Texas will turn blue when Biden is finished.

Lindsey Graham was at the border this week and described one bit of idiocy. As he said this is even dumb for the federal government. You have to watch the clip to believe it:



  1. A primary directive of the Federal Government is border protection. The Federal Government no longer obeys the Law or the Constitution, so basically what we have is anarchy; not Government.

  2. Look at this spectacle, the illegal immigration enthusiast Graham complaining about illegal immigration. No one takes him seriously. He does his fake outrage act, followed by no action whatsoever, this has gone on many years.

    As head of judiciary for 2 years, he held a key to helping Trump against the deep state, and you know what he did there. Now that the deep state has completed the election coup, partly thanks to Graham, Graham does his nice guy act again. Recall, judiciary has constitutional oversight over the DOJ and the crook Barr.

    It’s predictable. He always does is nice guy act after a scam is successful.

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