Schumer falsely claims TX is paying the price for ignoring climate change


Now, “Texas is paying the price” and should learn a lesson from ignoring climate change, Schumer said Sunday, The New York Post reports.

Everything is climate change. In fact, Texas is moving to alternative energy but is doing so too quickly.

The windmills froze up first? What world does this guy live in? If Texas still had those three coal plants online that they canceled, they would not have had the problem.

The lesson should be to not eliminate your fossil fuels until your alternative energy is ready to take over.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Schumer…example par excellence of the “enemy within”…

Stormers On the Ride
Stormers On the Ride
1 year ago

Thank God that Red State is all about coal. Every plant is a coal powered behemoth on all points.
Those fruity unicorn flatulence faculty lounge energy sources will never be able to provide the power of fossil fuels.
There was talk of a nuclear plant forty years ago but it didn’t work out as it was too close in time to the Three Mile Island debacle.
The company in charge of it went under and the people in the Northern corner of the state said oh hell NO very loudly, nowadays they would just be ignored.

1 year ago

Texas is paying the price for allowing their Electric Companies make use of Federal Subsidies. The Federal Government has been shoving Climate Change down our throat because it has been taken over by Communist. Climate Legislation is cover for Wealth redistribution. There has always been and always will be climate change. The problem is that Washington DC is run by Money Hungary Morons and the People need to cut their money supply off. First step is get rid of ALL incumbent politicians, then repeal the 16th Amendment.