Graham said if Trump concedes, he could be our last Republican president


According to The Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.) warned that President Trump should not concede that he was defeated in the 2020 presidential election in part because Republicans will “never” be able to elect another president from their party again.

“If Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again,” Graham said Sunday on Fox News. “President Trump should not concede. We’re down to less — 10,000 votes in Georgia. He’s going to win North Carolina. We have gone from 93,000 votes to less than 20,000 votes in Arizona, where more — more votes to be counted.”

Graham is saying what we have been thinking here at the Sentinel. We cannot let fraud — if it is fraud — go without investigation.


It would happen anyway. The reason Democrats are pouring illegal aliens into the country is so they will vote for them and give them a permanent electoral majority. They want all the power and they want to make us communists.

The Hill then wrote, “Every major news network and The Associated Press on Saturday projected Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 race for the White House. Trump has said he will not concede, alleging widespread voter fraud led to tens of thousands of illegal ballots being cast against him. “

The idea you are supposed to accept is that the media gets to decide who won the election. The election is not certified and there are serious allegations of fraud. The media is ignoring that.

The Hill then misled the readers by saying Republicans are making accusations WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

They don’t know that, plus, that’s why we have investigations.

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