Great exchange on vaccine passports with Governor De Santis


This is a great exchange by Florida Governor De Santis about COV vaccine passports. He wants people to make decisions for themselves, and he doesn’t believe corporations want to get involved.

He made note of the implications of vaccine passports. Governor De Santis is very bright and very freedom-oriented!

The passport idea is so CCP-like.


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Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
2 years ago

Texas and Florida are on the way road trip list and there are some fam in Grampa (Tampa) Bay that I haven’t seen since the late 1990’s.
A cousin moved up here and didn’t care for it and moved back but his brother is still here and doing very well.
They (CPUSA) will go full Trump on De Santis and Abbot.
Noem turned out to be a poseur, a wolf in sheep’s clothing but at least she is revealed regarding the tranny sports.
A local beautiful majorette got the tranny bug and now sports flannel shirts and Real Tree pants with purple hair and a rainbow flag out front, sad, really.