Great, just great, Biden is immobile while COV becomes a dire threat


According to a NY Post report, Biden is dithering on vaccination while COVID morphs and rages.  COVID-19 cases are declining, hospitalizations are likewise down and the daily pace of vaccinations is on the decline. However, the situation is dire according to the nation’s leading infectious disease experts.

The virus is morphing into a far more contagious form. The UK virus is at least 50% more contagious and the South Africa version blasts through antibody drugs. There is a virulent Brazilian strain that even seriously harms young people.

Biden said he would be on top of this but this top-down management from big government is inefficient and Joe is senile. He’s also concentrating on getting a flood of illegal aliens into the country. Reportedly, some have COVID.

Mexican farmworkers cross the border, decline to be tested, and spread the infection along with the border towns, The New York Times reports. Yuma County, Ariz., where migrants harvest lettuce, has the highest infection rate in the United States.

Ironically, Biden put very strict restrictions on air travel but will let all these illness-infected foreigners pour in illegally without testing.

Biden has only given 11 states permission to open vaccination sites. He plans to have everyone vaccinated by late spring.

The threat from these new strains “changes everything,” warns Peter Hotez, of Baylor College of Medicine, including the vaccine timetable.

Hotez says the vaccination needs to be two or three times that rate.

Most experts agree. Jennifer Nuzzo of Johns Hopkins says “we are in a race against time.” Ashish Jha from Brown University insists “there is zero justification for not vaccinating around the clock. We are in a race against the variants.”

Pfizer is also having difficulty getting the raw materials to make the vaccine since we don’t make enough of these drugs at home.

In addition, Biden has not expanded the program to meet the need.

The experts warn that Biden has a half-year window to vaccinate and conquer the pandemic. Our return to normal life depends on it.

But, he’s too busy writing fiats to further his socialist goals.

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The Fightin' Side Of Me
The Fightin' Side Of Me
3 years ago

Could the enlightened beings make a chameleon mask that adapts to the new super potent strains of the dastardly gasp! Black Death 2.0 which is the worstest evarz with a 99% survival rate.
Even a niece who works in McHealthcarez is telling elders to calm down and relax regarding the Kung Flu.
Has anyone noticed that China punched us in the mouth (Kung-Flu) and we took it like some pencil neck Poindexter?
Yes, internal fifth column RATS and globalist technocratic unelected ‘expert’ geneticists freaks were very useful in the covidiocracy.

darla martin
darla martin
3 years ago

where’s is Oiden’s keepers ? and his specialty Covid team ?doesn’t it appear that the GOP run states are vaccinating their citizens but the DEM states are having major problems ?God I miss the Trump administration!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

The “experts” were wrong, are wrong and will be wrong.

The virus has not been isolated, so it does not exist as described.

The PCR test is nearly 100% inaccurate, so it is useless.

The virus was used for politics and to repress us, that is all.