Great Second Amendment News!


Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws are out of the NDAA!

Anti-gun activists have taken a small number of gun violence cases to force through “Red Flag Laws” in a number of states. They tried to include it in the NDAA, nationalizing the law. Red Flag laws gut the Second Amendment by depriving them of due process on the word of a person claiming they are unfit to own a gun.

Red flag laws allow police, family, neighbors and, in some cases other professionals or interested persons, to petition the state court to temporarily remove firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves.

Then the person has to hire an expensive lawyer and beg a judge to get his/her rights back.

The House of Representatives passed a final version of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Tuesday night which does not contain the red flag law language present in the original. According to a report by The Washington Post, the NDAA passed by a vote of 363 to 70.

The NRA tweeted the good news.

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