Greatest anti-CRT speech as this man obliterates the IL school board


After watching the arrogant, condescending, full of hubris Chief of Naval Operations at the hearing this week, I needed to hear from this black parent in the clip below.

While Chief Gilday is pushing Critical Race Theory and the idea that black people can’t make it because white people keep them down, this black parent — with two medical degrees — demolishes the Illinois school board and their promotion of Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory puts down black people as incompetent and oppressed while making all white people into oppressive racists.

The latest fraud, Ibrahim Kendi (not his real name) is making a fortune claiming the only way to defeat racism is with discrimination against whites. His entire premise obliterates Martin Luther King Jr’s vision of judging a man by his character and not the color of his skin. If you love MLK Jr, you have to give him up for the man with the alias. He says if you say you are color-blind or judge people by the color of their skin, you’re a racist.

Black people are not victims and can’t be put down by whites.

Watch this wonderful speech:

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