Joe says do Republicans suck the blood out of children? 25th Amendment time?


Creepy Joe’s new line is Republicans are sucking the blood out of children. Is this like telling a college kid asking a reasonable question that she’s a ‘dog-faced pony soldier?”

A reporter daring to do the job of reporting questioned Joe Biden who became defensive. The president’s retort devolved into the exceedingly weird.

Asking about defunding the police is a perfectly reasonable question, but Joe doesn’t like questions.

The question was: “Are there people in the Democrat Party who want to defund the police.” The answer is obviously “yes,” and that is well-documented.

Biden lost it anyway. His answer was — do Republicans suck the blood out of children.

Oh man, come on man, that’s just crazy, man.

How did Republicans sucking blood become an answer in any realm of the rational?

It was a direct question about what Democrats themselves are saying. What the hay is going on in that Biden brain?

Even more amazing is that he was pleased with himself for his bizarro response.

Benny Johnson discusses the blood-sucking issue:



  1. Traitor Joe has been nothing but a hateful bigot all his life. All you have to do is look at his voting record. He hates Republicans because most Republicans are God fearing Christians. We now see that Democrats are little more than Godless Bloodsuckers. Democrats always accused everyone else of being who they really are. I would say at heart, but Democrats don’t have one. I just can understand someone who is a proud Democrat, because I can’t understand anyone that psychopathic. I don’t know what Democrats do for society except give away other people’s money to make themselves feel good. The classic kind of activity characteristic of seriously disturbed Psychopath.

  2. External enemies will pounce if the Kamal gets in.
    Slancy is waiting with a sharp dagger and she will bring about the Satanic Marxist war of all against all.
    Still laughing over an online pundit calling porno Brandi Love the Grand Old Politburo version of the Kamal.
    Nothing is too bizarre after that Satanic ritual at the Stupor Bowl.

    Doped Up
    Dumbed Down

  3. No decent nation does what the USA has done to itself. The nation will never admit what it has done to itself.

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