Greed Murdered ‘Do No Harm’




Greed Murdered ‘Do No Harm’
By Ann Casey

For Christmas, Fauquier Hospital gave the Davies family the death of Don’s wife and the children’s mother over their refusal to administer ivermectin which her doctor had been treating Kathy prior to her hospitalization for pneumonia from covid-19.

A week prior to her death, the hospital was forced by an injunction to administer ivermectin, but the damage was already done.

The family had gone to court requesting a judge to insist the hospital follow her personal physician’s prescription. Fauquier continually refused, citing their protocols were the only treatment allowed. (Their story can be found at The Daily Wire, Epoch Times, Independent Sentinel, and NBC News)

In consequence, valuable time was wasted by their stance. Kathy was literally on her deathbed for the month of November and into December. Her parish priest had given her Last Rites three times at that point.

On her admission in early October, she stated empathically no to Remdesivir[1], but she was given the drug as ‘protocol’ disregarding her explicit wishes of no[2]. (The graph on page 3 shows remdesivir protocol)

Her son, who works as an anesthesiologist at Fauquier Hospital, insisted the treatment stop immediately and, after much resistance, it was stopped.

The other immediate protocol was being put on a ventilator, which was done and after two months, this is Kathy’s condition as of 18 December 2021, six hours prior to her death:

An X-Ray showed, this morning, pneumothorax developing in the right lung now..

So, her lungs have been decimated by the high flow of O2 over several months…

She’s still currently in the low 70s percentile saturation…

Blood gas, as of last night, PO2 30s

CO2 80s.. (these numbers from venous blood)

Blood pressure has been bouncing around 90s-70s for systolic number (top number) 30s20s  for diastolic number (bottom number)…

One would think the hospital would pause, and ought to have in order to seek other treatments that were used successfully prior to her hospitalization. But, as with this case and thousands across the country, imprisoned by a medical system that has foregone their oath in lieu of vast payoffs for Covid-19, the mandated protocols demanded by Dr. Fauci and the NIH  and subsequent death, does not add to the bottom line of profit.[3]

The evidence is quite clear from many doctors from around the world, that this entire scheme, put forth by Fauci and the NIH, with compliance from the CDC, was to ensure a plan so evil in its design, it would maintain power and control in the hands of a few while the innocent were forced to succumb to their well-crafted genocide as Fauci and his cohorts danced on their corpses.


The author, Ann Casey, was Kathy’s loving friend.




Other Sources[1]

Dr. Malone – ‘Ivermectin works, I used it myself’

Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sentinel staff. However, why wouldn’t they at least try the medication early on?

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1 year ago

This sounds like a clear case of Malpractice and Fauquier Hospital should be sued out of existence. People need to take a stand and stop Government from practicing “one size fits none” medicine and claiming that this is good healthcare. The Medical Profession MUST learn to ignore Government and Government mandates. Government produces assembly line health care and humans are not manufactured on an assembly line. Doctors MUST get back to treating patients based on their individual history and medical condition. Too often the treatment for anything that resembles Covid is to go home for two weeks without any actual examination or verification. Many Deaths could have been prevented if Doctors actually treated patients, but ignoring SARS-Cov-2 and allowing it to become critical enough for hospitalization became big money because the Government stuck it’s nose into Medicine. Government should be totally out of medicine except for ensuring medications are pure.

1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

In the case of these governmental cretinous unhealthy creatures…raw power is all encompassing…health/medicine are just by words…

Potemkin Derangement Syndrome
Potemkin Derangement Syndrome
1 year ago

F’ those Fauquiers and their hippocritic oath.
What happened to do no harm?
An injunction to get some F’in basic healthcare?
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.