Greta Thunberg Stages Her Arrest at a Violent Antifa ‘Protest’


Antifa and climate extremists violently attacked journalists in a German autonomous zone at Luetzerath.  Greta Thunberg highly praised it for stopping a coal mine expansion. She did her part, staging an arrest. She was carried away by police smiling from the coal protest.

Insider and other fraudulent legacy media didn’t bother to mention that the arrest was staged.

These lunatics want to freeze to death. There is no way we can replace fossil fuels yet.

Greta Thunberg has gone full communist and now admits she wants to overturn capitalism. She’s even engaging in the staged arrests that communists love to put on for public consumption.

She’s now an adult, not an autistic, emotionally disturbed child we can’t criticize.


In November of last year, at London’s Royal Festival Hall, Greta Thunberg promoted her manifesto, ‘Climate Book,’ a book of doom data. At the same time, she called for the overthrow of capitalism. Like almost everyone involved in the climate movement, she’s a communist.

Nicholas Harris from UnHerd was there to watch Thunberg outline her demented manifesto.

Harris said, “she has found her political feet, specifically the Left-wing ideology of anti-capitalism and de-growth.”

He continued, “There is no “back to normal,” she told us. “Normal” was the “system” which gave us the climate crisis, a system of “colonialism, imperialism, oppression, genocide” of “racist, oppressive extractionism.” Climate justice is part of all justice; you can’t have one without the others. We can’t trust the elites produced by this system to confront its flaws — that’s why she, much like Rishi Sunak, won’t be bothering with the COP meeting this year. COP itself is little more than a “scam” which facilitates “greenwashing, lying and cheating.” Only overthrow of “the whole capitalist system” will suffice.”

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