Griffin & Midler attack Melania with racism and vulgarity


Melania headlined the second night of speeches at the Republican National Convention and she added grace to the event.

The left-wing media denounced her, mostly using her as a springboard to assail the President. Somehow they think they could tell what was in her mind, claiming she doesn’t love her husband.

Kathy Griffin, who is being sued by Nicholas Sandmann for maligning him, was her usual vile self, as was Bette Midler. They don’t have to be exposed, they expose themselves.

They’re aging bigots who have no regard for immigrants at heart. They call the people who disagree with them racists, xenophobes, bigots, but that’s who they are.

Their irrational hatred is really telling.

First, watch our First Lady:


Bette Midler

Midler was ripped on social media after mocking Melania Trump’s accent during the first lady’s Republican National Committee speech from the Rose Garden late Tuesday and for referring to her as an “illegal alien.”

I thought we weren’t allowed to use the phrase ‘illegal alien.’ Apparently, it’s allowed if you are trashing a conservative immigrant, who by the way, is not here illegally.

Bette Midler exposes her anti-immigrant prejudice:

Kennedy tweeted, “Who knew xenophobia was the wind beneath your wings.” Piers Morgan wrote, “Oh, God, Bette Midler’s a racist.” Others wondered how many languages Bette speaks. We’re pretty sure it’s one.

Melania Trump, 50, was born and raised in Yugoslavia before coming to the U.S., with her first language being Slovenian. She also speaks four other languages, including English, French, German and Italian.

Kathy Griffin in her natural state

Not to be outdone, Kathy Griffin responded to Melania Trump:

This is how she responded to Tiffany Trump — like a bully:

Jealous much Kathy?

Watch Tiffany Trump, her speech was awesome:

Eric Trump’s very fine speech:

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