“Ground Hog Day … Meet Waterloo”


Op-ed reprinted from 2016

by Judyann Joyner

With all the hand-wringing and angst going on in Washington DC these days, you’d think “politics as usual” just came off its tracks. Could a fresh new, unscripted day be dawning after a long, long spell of Ground Hog Days?

Political pundits, you know, ever pontificating, hoity-toity thinkers professing to know much more than we mere mortals – they’re straining to explain the rise of Anti-Establishment candidates and their many, robust supporters.

Most of these bobbleheads couldn’t be more wrong, but none have strayed farther off the reservation than Establishment Republicans, and, believe me, they are running scared.

Let’s see if we can help them understand this phenomenon.

After more than two decades of Republicans starring in a production of Ground Hog Day, the GOP has been alienating growing numbers of their Conservative base with each passing election cycle. Every change of command is, “meet the new boss, same (or worse) than the old boss.”

Who is the Conservative base, and why are they important? Conservatives reflect the GOP faction who operate their phone banks, who canvass neighborhoods knocking on doors, regularly contribute to campaigns, and are informed, engaged voters. In short, they are the “worker bees” of the party who, here-to-fore, have largely remained loyal regardless of how they have been used, abused, lied to, and ignored. But as with most relationships, devotion has its limits.

For more than two decades, Conservatives have patiently tolerated the shameless philandering of the Establishment. With each passing election cycle, most Conservatives chose to believe the infidelities would end. They would come to their senses, and promises would finally be kept. They weren’t blind, just ever hopeful, and besides, what choice did they have?

More recently, broken promises have escalated to out and out betrayals. Every election cycle, GOP candidates, with but a few exceptions, become “Sudden Conservatives.” They woo their base with staunch Conservative statements, claim they’ve seen the light. They promise what every wayward lover does to keep warm his spot in the marital bed and, like the dutiful, indulgent wife who sees no alternative, accepts her lot in life and forgives.

These GOP adulterers used to break their promises; now we see a new brand of betrayal. Day after Election Day, these political Don Juans, as they celebrate their wins, actually join with Democrats viciously attacking the very hands which fed them.

This sequel was never more apparent than with the coming of the Tea Party movement. A true grassroots endeavor, thanks to the computerized social media age, Conservatives were able to unite as never before. Remarkably, their motivation was not revenge. Their inspiration came straight from the founding fathers’ sheer love of country and bearing witness to the rapid decline of Liberty, replaced by spreading Tyranny.

Immediately after the 2008 elections, political talking heads, bitten by the idol worship bug of Barack Hussein Obama, predicted it would be generations, if ever, for the Republican Party to rise again. The TP people, who actually vetted Obama, knew exactly what his “fundamental transformation” of America meant. Liberty would be threatened as never before. So they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

In 2010, Conservatives’ hard work gave Republicans what they were begging for, control of the House. GOP candidates promised they would stop Obama’s spreading tyranny by controlling the purse strings and, as before, promptly broke that promise. At this point, when polled, the American people, impressed by the candor and vitality of these patriots, expressed more trust in the Tea Party than either of the two major political parties. This provoked the GOP mob bosses to plant a kiss of death upon the lips of the Tea Party movement.

Imperative to note that, had the GOP possessed any foresight at all, they would have fully embraced the TP movement. The 2012 election may well have produced a very different result.

These are politically savvy, well studied, and, above all, highly inspired, high-energy people who just won the House for them. The TP assured the GOP, repeatedly, they had NO intentions of starting a new, third party, that their motives were pure. Instead, with an abundance of avarice and fear of losing their little piece of the power pie, the GOP
didn’t just bite the hand which fed them. They aimed directly at their heart.

Wounded as Conservatives may have been, they had to put aside their sensibilities. Freedom and liberty of the nation and it’s people had been under relentless attack and, while the ever pandering, weak-kneed GOP seemed quite willing to surrender, Conservatives were not.

The 2014 midterms found America’s “Ship of State,” gone terribly off course and sinking fast. Republicans assured their constituents, beyond any doubt, “just give us the Senate,” and we’ll right this ship. Wanting to believe Republicans must surely, at long last, see the error of their ways, and with hope springing eternal, Conservatives, once again, manned the lifeboats, “save the children,” and boy did they deliver!

If the 2010 mid-term elections resulted in a GOP tsunami, 2014 was the mother of all tsunamis. The GOP won their highly coveted Senate majority, PLUS. Nationwide, be it local, state legislatures or governors’ mansions, come November 2014, Republicans held more seats of power since before the Great Depression, in nearly 100 years.

There are many moving parts to explain the 2014 Republican shellacking dished out to Democrats. An entire book could be written to explain it. Suffice to say, if the 2010 GOP tsunami was sparked by an electorate hissy fit, 2014 brought with it amped up anger combined with something far more pernicious: FEAR.

Every GOP candidate, the entire Republican party knew the 2014 Midterms involve one lone, solitary mandate: STOP Obama. One year later, despite the almost unprecedented power voters imbued to them, the GOP failed miserably…again. Domestically and Internationally, the Obama administration’s epic failures (FAR too great to list) have ushered in a state of chaos at every turn. Stop Obama? Hell, they actually HELPED him!

The most detached voter in the country recognizes extreme danger when they see it. ISIS has already proven its threat to infiltrate Syrian refugees is not an idle one. France will attest to that. Job #1 for the president is to keep the American people safe – not THIS president. He fully intends to import hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees, people impossible to vet, and what’s more, REPUBLICANS JUST FULLY FUNDED. THAT … along with sanctuary cities, all sorts of taxpayer-funded goodies for illegals, and denied funds to secure our borders.

Speaker Ryan had all the usual excuses we’ve heard ad nauseam. The fact is, the GOP folded on the budget to such an extreme, Obama called Ryan to thank him personally. After all, Democrats, when THEY held both Houses of Congress, in their WILDEST DREAMS, have never been more successful in getting everything and more from their wish list.

After the SOTU address, Nikki Haley, who rode the Conservative Tea Party wave into office, gave the GOP rebuttal. Apparently, the Mt. Everest sized list of Obama’s epoch failures didn’t provide enough material for her. Instead, Gov. Haley gave an unprecedented GOP rebuttal. She attacked her own party’s front runner and his GOP supporters.

Ground Hog Day is over, and a new day has dawned. Conservatives, traditional Americans now fully understand it has not just differences of opinions. Nor has it been apathetic and weak GOP continuing to”compromise” with a DNC that never compromises and takes no prisoners. No, it is Establishment Republicans and their deep-seated, out and out hatred of their Conservative base, of their own people.

OK, so, if this is still too complicated for the political pundits, if none of the above has sufficiently resonated, try this: Conservatives, traditional Americans have had enough. While the GOP is willing to sell their souls to the devil attempting to protect their own self-interests, Conservatives insist on putting the interests of America
first and foremost.

Still too complicated? Try this: YOU’RE FIRED.

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