Guns Save Lives, Gun-Free Zones Kill If You Look at the Facts


Massive errors in FBI’s Active Shooting Reports from 2014-2022 regarding cases where civilians stop attacks: Instead of 4.6%, the correct number is at least 35.7%. In 2022, it is at least 41.3%. Excluding gun-free zones, it averaged over 63.5%.

When considering mass murder and mass shootings. Although they are used interchangeably, they are two different things.

If you look at Saint Louis or Chicago, mass public shootings are prevalent because of gangs.

Mass murders occur when four or more people are murdered in the same place around the same time, excluding the death of the killer. The primary cause could be attributed to mental illness or just plain evil. People do it for acclaim, even if they have to die to do it, and others do it out of hatred.

Forget what you think you know about mass shootings and mass murder because you’ve been given inaccurate information by the media and politicians who have an agenda. It’s always best to look at the facts, and unfortunately, that’s not always easy to find because some government agencies also have agendas.

The FBI numbers are inaccurate on the number of civilians stopping mass murders.

Fortunately, we have someone without an agenda. Doctor John Lott puts down the facts by the actual numbers.

Dr. Lott found that 94% of mass public shootings occur in gun-free zones. They also mostly occur in places with strict gun laws.

In his extensive research, Dr. Lott found examples of attempted mass murders that the FBI either missed or ignored.
  • According to his research, ordinary citizens stopped mass murder 157 times or 35.7% percent of the time. Also, those attacks take place in gun-free zones.
  • There are massive errors in the background check system. The system overwhelmingly discriminates against Blacks, Hispanics, and males who want to defend their families.
  • So-called assault weapons are almost identical to the weapons not classified as assault weapons.
  • Weapons of war is a meaningless term and is falsely politicized. Semi-automatic weapons are not weapons of war. They are not automatic weapons, and the military does not use them.
  • An AR-15 functions like any caliber hunting rifle, firing the same bullets as rapidly and doing the same damage.
  • Banning them mainly affects law-abiding citizens. Banning semi-automatics is the same as banning self-defense with a gun.
  • Public mass shootings are low per capita compared to several countries in Europe as well as the rest of the world. From 1998 to 2017, the United States had 1.1% of the world’s mass public shootings. Murders are also significantly less than the 4.6% share of the world’s population.
  • And again, 94% of the mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Mass killers such as the Buffalo killer spend time investigating where they would best succeed, and that almost always is a gun-free zone. In the case of the Buffalo killer, it was a Target store. That is generally the case with these people. Many of these mass killings are committed by people not allowed to have guns or who shouldn’t have had one legally.
  • The most vulnerable people in our society benefit the most from having guns. As good as the police are, they almost always arrive after the crime.

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