Guy who hates Trump Is too right-wing to moderate Dem debates


NBC reported, “The Democratic National Committee and the news organization Politico are locked in an argument over the ideological credentials of a proposed moderator for next month’s Democratic debate, sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.”

“Politico and PBS are scheduled to co-host the sixth Democratic primary debate on Dec. 19 in Los Angeles.

“At the behest of its publisher, Robert Allbritton, Politico is pushing for Tim Alberta, the chief political correspondent for Politico Magazine, to join journalists from PBS Newshour at the moderators’ desk. The top PBS journalists under consideration are Judy Woodruff, Yamiche Alcindor and Amna Nawaz.

That has started a storm of protest because Alberta once worked for National Review, a RINO publication with some conservatives, and he chronicled the Republican Party for most of his career.

That’s not allowed in the Democrat world.

The story continues. “Democratic Party officials say such a journalist is ill-suited to co-moderate a debate meant to better inform Democratic voters about their potential nominees.”

Politico says Alberta is a nonpartisan journalist and shouldn’t be penalized because he covered the GOP or wrote for National Review. Good for you Politico, but you would have a better chance if you recommended recently-released felons or Democrats moms and dads. Non-partisan doesn’t cut it with these people [and he’s not, he’s anti-Trump in a big way]. Alberta is an anti-Trumper who calls him names.

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