Haaland’s Conflict of Interest: Her Revolutionary Daughter, Somah


Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is one of the worst of the Biden appointments. She is determined to destroy fossil fuels quickly and mindlessly replace them with solar.  She is campaigning for solar farms on government land where we usually drill for oil and gas. It doesn’t matter to her that solar can’t replace oil and gas or that the lack of it is a serious national security threat. Deb Haaland also has an enormous conflict of interest in that her daughter Somah is campaigning to end fossil fuels, capitalism, and white supremacy.

Somah Haaland, Deb’s daughter.

Haaland’s social-justice eco-revolutionary bureaucrats are slow-walking gas and oil leases necessary to this nation for its energy industry.

A significant conflict-of-interest issue has arisen as her daughter, Somah Haaland, is lobbying federal lawmakers to support a moratorium on oil and gas leasing near a historical site in New Mexico.

They’re working in tandem with trumped-up excuses to stop the production of oil and gas.

Fox News reports that Somah went to Capitol Hill with her revolutionary group, Pueblo Action Alliance, to demand no drilling near the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.

She showed a film to Democrat lawmakers that allegedly “showcases the threats” posed by oil and gas leasing.

“Meanwhile, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a subagency within Secretary Deb Haaland’s Department of Interior (DOI) that is tasked with managing nearly 250 million acres of federal lands, is expected to finalize soon a rule acceding to activists’ demands.”

On Monday, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced new steps to accelerate solar energy development on federal land in the West.

She’s pushing hard for solar, although it can’t possibly replace fossil fuels.


According to her Twitter bio, Somah is an actress who lives in New York City and works as a media coordinator for the hard-left Pueblo Action Alliance – “a community-driven organization that promotes cultural sustainability and community defense by addressing environmental and social impacts in Indigenous communities.”

She calls all whites, white supremacists. That makes her a racist.

She’s a racist Communist, claiming White Supremacy and Capitalism must be eradicated.

“We are the descendants of Pueblo revolutionaries and carry the revolutionary spirit of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. We have the right to our own Indigenous self-determination & sovereignty and the ability to create communities and economies that meet the needs of our Pueblo people. Cultivating ancestral wisdom helps to evolve modern organizing strategies and tactics to protect our cultural integrity. We embody Pueblo-centric grassroots organizing to mobilize our people on the issues that are most important to us. We view indigenous solutions as means to dismantle and eradicate white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, and extractive colonialism. The liberation of indigenous peoples is the liberation for all,” its website reads.

One of the Alliance’s goals is to “dismantle and eradicate oppressive systems and European occupations that have killed, harmed, or assimilated Indigenous populations.”

Modernity with fossil fuels likely falls under her idea of an oppressive system run by occupiers.

She is also a trans activist, although not trans herself.

She wrote during Trans week:

“..I’m very blessed that the people who raised me never enforced gender roles or expectations on me and that I had the privilege and freedom to learn many things regardless of them being “traditionally” masculine or feminine. I hope for a future where all children can be themselves and like what they like, a future where we don’t put expectations on children based on their biology. We must protect our kiddos and honor intersectional identities.”

Let’s pray we survive two more years of the lunatics Biden has appointed.

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