Haaland’s Answer on Oil Leases: “Not Sure What to Say…”


Interior Secretary Deb Haaland can’t or won’t answer questions as she destroys the US economy. Sen. Murkowski tried to get answers. However, it is Murkowski who cast the deciding vote to appoint this unqualified, anti-fossil fuel woman as head of Interior.

Two weeks ago, the Interior Department released an offshore drilling plan that proposed lease sales in established drilling areas in the Gulf of Mexico and southern Alaska but kept open the option of no lease sales over the next five years. The department claimed we have to transition from fossil fuels.

They do not have a mandate for that. Oil and gas are key to US wealth. Without them, we lose our main resource. They are destroying our ability to use any of our resources, not just oil, gas, and coal.

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski questioned whether the administration had thought out the damaging effect their climate policies could have on domestic energy prices.

“As we transition from a fossil-based society, a transition requires there be a path forward that is sensible for your economy,” she said. “I think that it’s unacceptable for the department to consider a five-year plan with no lease sales.”

Murkowski asked Haaland why a sale was canceled in Cook Inlet. Haaland claimed the companies didn’t show interest. However, Murkowski said there was “nothing laid down” and “no opportunity to show interest.”

Watch this disgraceful answer as she says she’s “not sure what to say other than what I’ve already said” after she didn’t answer the question:

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