The Great Betrayal: Massive Non-Stop Invasion at the Border


An illegal alien raped a 10-year-old girl more than once and impregnated her. The only reason we know about it is the Left is trying to use it to prove we need a radical abortion law. Illegal aliens and drugs are taking over our Democrat cities and all those sanctuaries for illegal alien criminals.

We have a non-stop invasion of foreigners from terrorist and communist countries. We don’t know who they are. Betrayal is the only appropriate word.

Almost none are vaxxed and none are vetted – none. We have gone mad. Why is this level of betrayal and criminality from a US president allowed?

A federal source told Fox News reporter Bill Melugin that there were 2,258 illegal crossings in Del Rio sector yesterday alone. Those are staggering numbers for a single Border Patrol sector, and it’s happening as we push into some of the hottest weeks at the border. Eagle Pass is now the epicenter.

Yet, Biden is still President and the media is supporting this invasion and destruction of the United States.


The only person doing anything is Governor Abbott who is putting them back on buses to Mexico.

Mass invasion:

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