Hack New Yorker Writer Jane Mayer Deliberately Smeared Kavanaugh


If you remember, Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow wrote the second story in which an old classmate named Deborah Ramirez accused Brett Kavanaugh of flashing her in their Freshman year of college. The story was so ridiculously unsubstantiated that the NY Times wouldn’t even go with it.

Ramirez emailed old Eli friends for weeks asking if Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the one who flashed her 35 years before. She still doesn’t know, even though she allegedly found her memory. The friends who helped remind her are Democrats and she’s a far-left Democrat.

Mayer used the tactics of a smear merchant. She knew she had to establish a pattern and that is what that second fake story was about — establishing a pattern. That’s what all the ensuing anonymous fake stories were about.


The veteran journalist told Elle that what was missing with Anita Hill’s accusation against Clarence Thomas was a pattern of such behavior.

“So having watched this before, I knew that key issues would be whether the judge had a pattern of similar behavior, since that helps establish who is telling the truth when there is a standoff, and whether there were credible corroborators on either side,” she said. “Knowing this is why Ronan Farrow and I were so alert to the significance of other accusers, such as Deborah Ramirez. Her allegation showed that, if true, yes, there was a pattern of misconduct, and likely another side of the judge.”

After the public accusation by credible Christine, Mayer and Farrow wrote the unsubstantiated story of Deborah Ramirez. They were harshly criticized for putting out such a ridiculous story that could not be backed up by anyone.

The New York Times reported it could not corroborate Ramirez’s story and that Ramirez had contacted former Yale classmates to see if they remembered, adding she “told some of them that she could not be certain Mr. Kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.”

Mayer told Elle she felt “empathetic” toward women if they are “telling what appears to be the truth.”


“As a reporter, my heart goes out to the powerless and vulnerable who try to tell the truth in the face of great risks, no matter who they are. As a woman, I do feel empathetic toward other women, if they are telling what appears to be the truth,” she said.

Are you kidding me? They only have to APPEAR TO BE TELLING THE TRUTH??? What about having a heart for innocent men.

Nothing about the left is real. They do and say whatever it takes. If they can do this to a Boy Scout with an impeccable reputation, imagine what they can do to you and me.



This is similar to the ‘wrap up smear’ Nancy Pelosi described in 2017. It’s not exactly the same but it is not all that different either. The Democrat Party has adopted the practice of using smear merchants. That’s what David Brock, Media Matters, rioters, and the attacks on Trump are all about.


  1. So it’s a fabrication, intended to defame, and did not have a foundation of truth.
    Totally made up. This essentially discredits Farrow and Mayer as defenders of women and indicates they have been caught up in political radicalism.
    These are kin to Maximilien Robespierre and the “Reign of Terror” during the French Revolution.
    It took the form of arrest, show trial and execution of thousands of people. Only a few were of the aristocracy or nobility, about 30 out of 1500, if that makes any difference.
    Between June 10 and July 23, 1793, 1366 victims perished. Most were innocent of any crime, unable to defend themselves, and not even informed of the crime they had been accused of.
    The law was whatever Robespierre and his followers desired it to be, and was changed at will.
    The “mob” ruled in Paris.
    The guillotine began its work, but was found to be a “messy and inconvenient way to get rid of the political garbage”. They resorted to mass shootings, and “vertical deportation” in which people were stripped of their clothes and valuables, young men and women were tied together, put on barges and holes punched in the sides of the barges so they would sink, then pushed out into the river. The prisoners watched the water rise about them, before they drowned. An average of 36 people per day were sent to the guillotine.
    I think it ended when Robespierre himself lost favor and was executed.
    Linen, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, all had a similar approach, eradicate any opposition, and no defense against accusations.
    Hopefully, the accusations without foundation will run their course, and trials without a person being allowed to defend themselves not happen in America.

    • “Hopefully, the accusations without foundation will run their course and trials without a person being allowed to defend themselves NOT happen in America.” There is only one way to avoid this happening…Red Tsunami in November. The backers of the anaemic blue wave appear to be ‘gung ho’ on the mob solution.

  2. Jane … what was actually missing from Anita Hill’s story was her admission that she followed Clarence, from job to job because she wanted a romantic relationship with him – and that he didn’t want that. The rest of Anita’s story was exaggeration and of no redeeming value.

    • Yet Ms Hill went on to a professorship and teaches in a high profile University. She is lauded in the press as a symbol of woman’s rights and being brave to come forward. No one pushes back and says she made crazy allegations with no proof to derail a mans career. . Now they trout out someone who lived near Judge K, with the same playbook, but a better prepared accuser from 36 years ago.

      Given her very coached memory I would have a hard time with her story. She recalled she had one beer. Coached since she was at a party where beer was served but she recalled only one beer so she was not drunk. Knew 100% it was Judge K. Can’t recall date, time of year, house number or ANYTHING that could be verified. If she picked a time. The surprising calendars would have undone her story. He was at beach or even abroad. A location could have been checked for who lived there at the time. Might have been on vacation or not had teenaged kids. She was coached to remain vague.

      Since there were no cell phones and she ran directly from the house was someone just driving by and took her the five miles home? Pretty interesting she can’t recall who drove her home. This was NOT a rape (IF it happened at all) but a drunk 17 year old supposedly grabbing at her cloths and placing his hand over her mouth but being quickly pulled off by another drunk kid. This blanked out her mind for 36 years. No injuries, cloths intact or driver would have noticed.
      She did in fact coach her FBI friend about the polygraph. A direct lie. She flew in planes often. the two front doors was debunked. Lived in a 500 foot sq. house with no ill effects.

      She was asked only two questions by a polygraph operator that was a friend of her FBI friend. That is so unbelievable that that polygraph operator should be interviewed and placed before a Grand Jury. Radical leftwing lawyers and her FBI friend made very sure that her story was bullet proof with NO specifics that could be checked EVER. Ms Ford was a tool used by the Dems. to derail this nomination. I do not believe that she really believes Judge K assaulted her but she got too far down the road to back out. And she was being pushed by her enablers.

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