Hakeem Was a Big Supporter of His Anti-Semitic Uncle Lenny


Election denier Hakeem Jeffries’ uncle was the famous anti-Semitic Professor Leonard Jeffries. However, he has repeatedly said he has only vague recollections of the controversy surrounding his uncle.

Hakeem lied, and now we have proof from fake news CNN of all places. It’s odd that CNN would tell the truth about a dishonest Democrat minority leader.

Jeffries was a board member of the Black Student Union. The BSU invited Leonard ‘Uncle Lenny’ Jeffries to speak at the school. That was after the controversy blew up in 1992. There was an uproar. The students didn’t want him there.

Good nephew Hakeem defended him.

After a Jewish student group called on the BSU to cancel the professor’s speaking engagement, Jeffries led a news conference defending his uncle and his speaking engagement.

“We have no intention of canceling a presentation that contains factual information, proven through scholarly documents and texts,” read Hakeem Jeffries from a statement reported in the student newspaper the Pipe Dream. “The proper way to way to debate scholarship is with scholarship–not with high-tech lynchings, media assassinations, character desecrations and venomous attacks.”

The BSU executive board also wrote an editorial in the student newspaper, Pipe Dream, defending Jeffries and condemning a comparison of the professor to the Ku Klux Klan.

Hakeem also wrote an editorial about his uncle in “The Vanguard,” the BSU student newspaper. WATCH THE CLIP:


Hakeem Jeffries has equated pro-life conservatives to a “cult. Jeffries wanted Kyle Rittenhouse locked up after it became apparent that he acted in self-defense.

Hakeem is a crazy, hate-filled Marxist who is a hypocrite.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

M. Dowling, we appreciate you letting the light shine where the leftist Democrats try to hide things in the dark.

5 months ago

Its common knowledge that black people are not fans of Jews. As far as CNN calling him out, they are doing it to protect their Jewish interests. If the hateful comments were directed at Christians, that would be just fine with CNN.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Lala: It would be easy to call you a racist, but giving you the benefit of the doubt I think you just made a common writing error. You made an all inclusive statement when you could have said something like – I have often noted that leftist black leaders are anti-Semitic. Don’t condemn every black person by the noisy rantings of leftist rabblerousers.
Other readers often appreciate your many excellent insights.