Joe Biden Loses His Mind In Ireland


The US doesn’t have a president, and we have more proof. If Joe Biden doesn’t know where his office is, can we safely assume that his thought process is inadequate for the most perfunctory of tasks?

In a Wednesday speech at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, Biden said his office was in the United States Capitol.

“As you walk into my office in the Oval Office in the United States Capitol, Biden said.

We can’t find any evidence of him having an office in the Capitol. He did have a fake Oval Office in the Eisenhower Executive Office building, but that’s not the Capitol building.

He did this during the campaign. Biden can’t say the simplest things.

Joe’s Proud of Hunter, Takes Him Off to Ireland

Joe went to Ireland after visiting Northern Ireland. He visited Carlingford Castle and Dundalk in County Louth. He was asked a simple question about the “steps to success” by a young boy, but no one knew what his answer was, so Hunter answered it.

Yes, he brought Hunter as the face of America.

Joe is very proud of his corrupt crackhead son, who tried to sell off the rights of our oil gas assets to China.

By the way, he knew all about Hunter’s business dealings. He was the Big Guy.

Now listen to Joe as he sinks into dementia speech. He sounds like he’s speaking Chinese.

And yes, he creepy whispered in Ireland.

Here’s a clip of cranky Joe:

He still thinks he traveled 17,000 miles with Xi Jinping, yet no Democrat is worried about him having the keys to the nuclear codes.

Pope John Paul II visited Ireland in 1979 and praised them for keeping the faith through the centuries. “I have kept the faith. That has been the ambition of the Irish down the centuries,” the Pope said.

Biden secularized it, which had nothing to do with Pope John Paul and religion.

He wasn’t sure how to exit, but Hunter was there to help.

This was funny. Sensitive security info of his travels went missing, but lo and behold, there they were just tossed on an Irish street.

The Irish will be pleased to know Joe is mostly British.

Anyway, Joe’s hardly Irish. He uses a gimmick to model himself after the Kennedy family. He’s about a third Irish. Most of his ancestry is English, and his family was slave owners. They are related to Jefferson Davis.

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