Hamas Doesn’t Have 40 Women, Children, Elderly Hostages Alive?


The latest reports, not confirmed, suggest that Hamas has killed most of the hostages. They can’t exchange 40 women, children, and elderly for a US-negotiated deal.

According to the Times of Israel, as part of a negotiated deal that the United States is trying to force through, Hamas would release 40 hostages in the humanitarian category. In exchange, Hamas would get:

  • Israeli forces would withdraw from Gaza.
  • All civilians would return to their homes.
  • Israel would be flexible with Gazans who return home without security checks.
  • 700 Palestinian/Hamas security prisoners would be released, including 100 who are serving life for slaughtering Israelis.
  • The blockade would be lifted.
  • IDF forces would remain 500 yards from approved routes to the north.
  • Humanitarian aid to Gaza would markedly increase.

This is the Biden deal. Do you think Biden will get the Nobel Peace Prize for this? Maybe he should read The Art of the Deal.

Out of the 129-136 hostages that remain out of 253 abducted, Hamas negotiators told international negotiators they couldn’t come up with 40 women, children, and elderly to satisfy the ceasefire.

If the hostages aren’t alive, Hamas murdered them.

In a statement late on Monday, Netanyahu insisted that Israeli forces would enter the city. “Victory requires entering Rafah and eliminating the terrorist battalions there,” he said. “This will happen; there is a date.”

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