Chris Cuomo Finds Vax Injuries After Denigrating Critics


Chris Cuomo interviewed nurse practitioner Sean Barcavage, who says he is vaccine-injured. At the end of the clip, Cuomo says he “is sick himself.” He claims he will never stop talking about it. It’s good he’s reporting it now. He’s found religion at NewsNation. At CNN, he torched and mocked anyone who didn’t get vaccinated.

Cuomo has previously said that he has long COVID, but we don’t know if that really exists. He probably doesn’t know what made him sick, but now he is looking into vaccine injuries.

The Authoritarians

Here are the authoritarians who demanded you get vaccinated and dehumanized and ostracized you if you didn’t. Chris Cuomo was one of them. Cuomo pushed for vaccine passports and publicly attacked the unvaccinated for making their own medical decisions.

This is what the media and political doctors did to us.

Personally, I Like the Horse Drug

My personal story when I got the shot – I only got the first two shots – the second shot made me feel like my brain was hijacked. I don’t know how else to explain it. It went away by the next morning, but as someone who has never had a visible reaction to any jab, I wasn’t going to take a chance on another given it was experimental.

When I did get COVID, I had the worst sore throat of my life and couldn’t swallow water without severe pain. I took Hydroxychloroquine and started Z-Pac in the morning, and nothing happened. Then I took ivermectin. Within a couple of hours, I was swallowing water and eating bread. By the next day, I had few symptoms. I had gotten the prescriptions from a PA tied to the Frontline Doctors. My husband caught COVID the day after I did, so I gave him half of my prescription, and he had the same reaction – better in hours. I am not a doctor, and I do not suggest to other people that this is what we should all have been doing, but these are my two anecdotal stories.

Research, don’t listen to the media or TV doctors, and make an informed decision should this all happen again.

WOW’d by Brother Andrew

Here is Chris praising brother Andrew for his brilliant performance during COVID. Andrew killed old people and lied about it. Also, Andrew prioritized his own family and friends in getting vaccinated, and now his brother might have a vaccine injury.

That being said, we hope Chris gets well soon. We don’t want to see anyone suffer, at least not most people.

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