Hannity Attacks Rep. Boebert As He Shows Disdain for Principles


Sean Hannity, followed by Laura Ingraham, now sees their mission as defending the establishment. Hannity is, at heart, a conservative, but he’s now the establishment’s best friend. If you could stand last night’s performance and massive attack on Rep. Lauren Boebert, you have a stronger constitution than I have. [Full clips below]

Prominent conservatives, not TV shills, support the 20, including Edwin Meese Jr, Ginni Thomas, Jim DeMint, Kenneth Blackwell, Jenny Beth Martin, David Bossie, Kelly Shackleford, Cleta Mitchell, Lt. Gen. William Boykin, Mike Davis, and others.

Hannity kept pushing the majority rules over principles. He showed complete disdain for principles. All he wanted to do was embarrass Rep. Boebert.

Hannity interviewed her to diminish her before his audience. He kept interrupting her and repeating the same pointless question. Why should McCarthy stand down when he has 201 in support? Hannity kept saying she wasn’t answering the question, but what she said was it’s not 20. There are many more who agree with them and are rooting them on behind the scenes.

Anyway, what do numbers matter? The Irish Rebellion began with a handful of Patriots. The US Revolution was never fought with more than a third of the people. A few people can change the world, and sometimes that’s necessary.

Think about what these 20 people want, and then tell me how they are “terrorists.” They want some committee positions so they can make changes. The 20 are calling for an honest Speaker who won’t constantly make deals with Democrats who get their wish lists met. They want rules changed to further good governance.

Maxine Waters is telling them to vote for McCarthy. Nancy Pelosi called the Republicans‘ attitude toward McCarthy’s speakership “frivolous, disrespectful, and unworthy.” That should make you want to support the 20 rebels. The people who benefitted most from McCarthy’s leadership were the Democrats.

Except for Tucker, Fox is in the lap of the establishment and business as usual. Once called the Hobbits by the Wall Street Journal, the minority of Republicans who fought for the debt ceiling are back. They were called the Taliban then. Now they’re “terrorists” and “enemies,” and the establishment vows to get even with them.

The Republican establishment uses the same tactics as the Marxists when they fear not getting their way.

Rush praised the Hobbits, and Hannity went for the establishment. So, here we are again, and Trump is siding with the establishment, too. Levin has been on a tear for days trying his best to obliterate the 20 he would have once praised. He’s wrong. They’re all wrong.

The 20 courageous men and women are risking a great deal to set the ship aright. As Rep. Boebert said in the Hannity interview, when she could finish a sentence, they aren’t necessarily looking for a conservative Speaker. They want an honest Speaker who will stand for Republican principles.

Back in 2012, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch called out Hannity for taking the establishment view of amnesty – making them pay a small fine and letting them get citizenship. Lynch hasn’t been on Fox since, but Lynch is a true conservative. He foresaw our open borders.

We now have Hannity setting up Rep. Boebert, a woman of intelligence, courage, and sticktoitiveness. They don’t want McCarthy because he can’t be trusted. He has repeatedly sold out his party to Democrats on bills. He spent millions defeating conservative candidates in primaries, seriously harming their reputations.

Instead of trying to work with the 20, he’s lying in public and has his henchmen, who were promised powerful positions, calling them names.

McCarthy might be able to save himself, but he will have to change how he does business through crisis management.

So, getting back to Hannity. Not only was he abusive, but he had establishment big mouth Trey Gowdy on immediately after to rant about Rep. Boebert. Gowdy the idea man who does nothing was well-prepared to do so.

Hannity was rude and manipulated the discussion. For example, he told her to stop filibustering when she made a good point. Hannity discounted her concerns that McCarthy lied about their discussions. McCarthy lies all the time. Why not ask her about it if he was truly looking for honest debate? His only goal was to belittle her and get points with the establishment.

This is the frustrating segment in two parts if you can stand it:

The twenty are fighting for the people.

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