Hannity ignores Fox directive about ‘investigative reporter’ Sara Carter


Network executives have asked Sean Hannity to stop calling Sara Carter an investigative reporter since her reporting is not being vetted or meeting the network’s editorial guidelines, according to Mediaite.

Carter is on the show almost nightly to discuss the ‘deep state.’ Both Carter and Sebastian Gorka are banned from Fox’s news shows.

That’s odd because all of their news shows include Democrat ‘strategists’ who are merely propagandists. It’s hard to know why Gorka isn’t as good as a Juan Williams or a Marianne Marsh or a Jessica Tarlov.

That’s according to Mediaite and it could be correct or not, although I no longer see them on during the day.

Carter, a Fox News contributor, was previously a national security correspondent for Circa News and has written for the Washington Examiner.


Hannity won’t comply, but once he leaves, it’s over for Carter, Gorka, and anyone else like them.

Fox administration will leave Hannity alone. They asked and he won’t do it, and it’s over. Hannity is bringing in the audience of 3 to 4 million.

Controversies have surrounded all the conservative commentators, especially Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, and Laura Ingraham. Some of the network’s popularity is reliant on their relationship with Donald Trump.

What happens when he is gone? Fox is the only place for Trump supporters to go unless they go to OANN which is not a mainstream network.

UPDATE: He referred to Sara Carter as an ‘investigative reporter’ on his blog yesterday, but called her a contributor on his Fox show. It looks like he caved after all. We will see what he calls her the rest of the week and update that information here. Perhaps they threatened to ban her completely.


While they are the most profitable cable news station, the cable shows are losing in popularity.

All that is left of the Murdoch empire, for now, is Fox News — which generates more than $1 billion annual profits — as well as Fox Business, Fox Sports and the Fox broadcast network. They just received over $71 billion for the sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney.

Fox lives with constant ad boycotts and attacks on their conservative commentators. But the commentators are drawing big audiences so they continue to get advertisers, but less affluent ones.

Lachlan Murdoch has similar conservative views to his father and has taken over leadership this week. His CEO, Suzanne Scott is very serious about her job and keeping the business profitable.

It’s hard to know how the network will go once the evening commentators leave, but their tendencies are to change considerably. Will they give up the conservative voice that is responsible for their success?

Hannity’s contract ends in 2022.


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