Hanoi Joe Made Sure to Bring Up the Vietnam War in Vietnam


We missed one of Hanoi Joe Biden’s lines while he was making fools of us in Vietnam. He stopped in Vietnam on his way back from the G-20 Summit in India. He intended to improve relations as China creates tensions. Hanoi Joe ended his trip to Vietnam with the line from the film, Gooooooood Morning, Vietnam. Nothing like bringing up the devastating war in Vietnam.

That’s the Robin Williams line in the 1987 film of the same name. It’s how troops were greeted by Armed Forces Radio. Hopefully, the Vietnamese weren’t too insulted.

After two days at the G20 summit in India, octogenarian Joe arrived in the country and admitted he was struggling to tell if it was day or night. That’s a big Uh Oh in dementia.

“Good evening, everyone,” he told a press conference.

“It’s already evening. Isn’t it? It’s around the world in five days – it’s interesting.”

“One of my coworkers said, ‘Remember the famous song “Good Morning Vietnam”?’ Well, good evening, Vietnam.’” He thought it was a song.


Greg Kelly summarized his trip, beginning with his crazy story about “horses, saddles, Indians, and lying dog-faced pony soldiers” in relation to global warming.  Uncle Joe thought he was quoting John Wayne, but John Wayne never said any of that.

Biden also told the Vietnamese that he didn’t want to contain China and wants to see them succeed. Great, Joe!


This staff cut his mic, but he kept talking and finally meandered off to jazz playing in the background.  But not before he said he was “gonna go to bed.”


They need to get the aggressive bunny back. Remember her? She corraled Joe and kept him contained.

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