Happy Independence Day! God Bless America!


John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, once great friends, split over a number of issues. One of the issues included an argument over declaring Independence Day on July 2nd or July 4th. The date was actually July 2nd, but it became official on July 4th. Adams wanted the 2nd, and Jefferson wanted the 4th. They didn’t speak, then bitter enemies for 11 years.

One day, Adams picked up his quill and wrote to Jefferson. Jefferson replied. Thus began years of letters on every topic, from politics to science. They died on the same day, July 4th, 1826. Jefferson was 83 and Adams 90. It was fifty years to the day of the official signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson died a little after 1 in the afternoon. Adams, still alive, thought Jefferson was, too. He said “Thomas Jefferson survives!” He didn’t know Jefferson had died.

It’s an amazing story. I guess July 4th was the right day after all.


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