Sodom & Gomorrah Pt. 2: Disney to Push LGBTQ & Drag Queens on Kids


In a new James O’Keefe expose, Disney’s Creative Director Amit “Genie” Gurnani said incorporating LGBTQ content is the “unspoken thing.” He added that Disney CEO Bob Iger will not eliminate it.

Disney’s agenda to push increased LGBTQ content in children’s programming is “the unspoken thing.”

Drag queen Genie says he would “love to get a drag queen at Disneyland.” He said further, “I’m sure that would happen at some point.”

In Part 3 of “The Disney Tapes,” Disney Creative Marketing Director Amit Gurnani, an elaborate drag queen who goes by the name “Genie,” confirms “They have a team” at Disney for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and reveals what is perhaps the most outrageous and dangerous element of their DEI agenda – the aggressive push for increased LGBTQ content aimed at children.

Gurnani boasted to an undercover reporter of his prominence in the drag queen world, and that it helped move him up the corporate ladder at Disney.

“I also want children to see LGBTQ content,” Gurnani said, “Yeah, of course. That’s the unspoken thing.”

Gurnani reveals, “I’d love to” get drag queens in Disneyland and is “sure that would happen at some point.” He explains Disneyland has had partnerships that brought drag queens to the park, “but now Disney’s doing it themselves, so it’s a big step.”

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