Hard evidence of ballot fraud in Missoula


The Crime Prevention Research Center under Dr. John Lott put out a major report that they have been working on for weeks. It shows hard evidence of large-scale mail-in ballot fraud.

Dr. Lott recommends that you read the long report that they put together. Missoula, Montana might not be where you think of mail-in vote fraud, but it is the only fairly complete audit of mail-in votes in the November election. It found at least 7% of the votes were fraudulent.

Dr. Lott talked about the findings to Sean Hannity and the Michigan Talk Network.

Listen, it starts at about 46:00:

Their work also got a very brief mention on the Rush Limbaugh show. There is a chance that this coming week will see a lot more news coverage of this work.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This keeps coming up more and more. To little to late. Soon the democratic party will rule. Time to form ranks.

Key Markets
Key Markets
2 years ago

The 25th amendment momentum is building?
Heels Up won’t get her ten years to fundamentally destroy if Slow Joe doesn’t go at least one year.
All of those places will be enriched so that they vote properly from now on.
The planes, trains, buses, foster homes, are gearing up and in transit.
Are there any religious charities making big coin off of the border bum rush and it isn’t blasphemous to question as organized religion was infiltrated long ago by the original commies CCCP.
Forward! Yes we can, burn it all down better.