Hard-left Rep: they can “significantly push Joe Biden” to “do things he hadn’t signed on to”


Washington State Rep. Pramila Jayapal is a radical, a revolutionary of the far-left. In this clip, you can hear her joyfully recount how she was able to “significantly push Joe Biden.” Her glee comes from the knowledge that they can and will push him to do as they wish once he is in the White House.

Joe is indeed an “empty vessel.” He barely knows where he is much of the time. The poor man is a perfect puppet for the far-left since he has some form of dementia.



She claimed the border crisis was “manufactured” and wants open borders. Rep. Jayapal brought illegal aliens into the country illegally herself and had the events videotaped.

She falsely claimed President Trump “wants to rid the country of people of color” and signed on to his impeachment early on.

Jayapal admits she is a socialist, but she is more than that. Her platform includes single-payer, extreme abortion rights, and all things far-left.

In fact, she supports the Portland ‘protesters.’



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