Un-redacted raw footage of Mr. Floyd


George Floyd Case Body Cam Footage: Video from two police body cameras has been made public in the George Floyd case. The footage is from the body-worn cameras of former Minneapolis police officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng. The footage shows the arrest of Floyd and the moments leading up to his death.


George Floyd was passive-aggressive throughout the event that led up to his death. He was high from fentanyl and meth, showing serious signs of intoxication prior to the officers restraining him. He had taken enough drugs to kill himself, according to some doctors commenting on his autopsy.

Why did the doctors who conducted the autopsy refrain from mentioning that the drugs in his system were enough to kill him?

Mr. Floyd refused to follow orders. Officer Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for a very long time, but the claims of racism and murder seem like an overreach. Chauvin might be guilty of manslaughter but the other officers don’t appear to be guilty of anything, but that’s our opinion. Watch it through if you can and decide. It is graphic.

Officers were worried he was experiencing excited delirium.

In any case, we were fed a lot of misinformation. The officers did nothing racist and treated it like an ordinary day. The left was waiting for something, anything to trigger the riots.

One person who commented on the clip wrote: Even with the full video out, TMZ, NBC, CBS are still editing it, especially where Floyd said “don’t shoot me”. They don’t show the cop saying “I’m not going to shoot you”. They don’t show how high and erratically he was behaving, they don’t show him ignoring pleas from his friends to stop resisting “before you have a heart attack”. The media is truly disgusting and people who believe their every word are fools… No, he didn’t deserve to die, but they leave out all accountability of Floyd’s crazy behavior.



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