Hard Left Stacey Abrams Rants on MSNBC About the GOP


Stacey Abrams is backed by the Democrat Socialists of America, who are actually hardcore communists. She is also backed by a wealthy Marxist-Leninist family. Whether Georgians like the GOP candidates or not, we’d better hope they vote Republican or we’ll lose another state to the hard-left.

In an appearance on “Deadline’ with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace , Stacey Abrams ranted dishonestly about Medicare expansion and transgender children.

Abrams accused Republicans of wanting to ban books and of perfecting “arms-length cruelty” against transgender kids, saying:

“Anytime we start to tell children we are going to ban books that they can’t read, we are going to change the history that they can learn, then we are not doing our job. And what is most cruel —Brain Kemp has perfected arms-length cruelty — is that he has set up a commission that is designed to tell transgender children that they can not compete with their friends.

“He is doing everything he can to make our most fragile and vulnerable children feel even more lost at a time we should wrap them in our arms and tell them they belong. So my deep concern and the concern of so many is they want a governor that believes in them. My mission is to be a governor that serves all of them.”

She couldn’t care less about all the girls who lose out to biological males who compete against them in sports or who are made to go into gyms or bathrooms with biological males.

Hopefully, she won’t win. She’s so far left, and she lies as a matter of course. Her shenanigans during the election were appalling. Abrams wants to give people here illegally the right to vote – at least, she strongly suggested it. She could destroy the state and we would forever have another failed state.

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