Panjshir Valley seems lost, fighting continues, Massoud is in Turkey


The battle for Afghanistan in the Panjshir Valley appears to have failed in no small measure due to the Pakistan, China, Turkey intervention. It is rumored that Ahmad Massoud has fled to Turkey and is said to be negotiating with the Taliban.

One Afghan Professor at Oxford wrote on Twitter: Panjshir can never fall. The topography of the land with valleys/sub-valleys make it so that even incessant aerial bombings are ineffective. Taliban are engaged in war crimes (burning villages/using human shields) but our brave people continue to fight for a free Afghanistan.

Allegedly, the fight continues.

Pakistan helped the Taliban and is taking over. Pakistan is home to the most terrorist groups in the world.

The chanting is from protesters who have taken to the streets in Kabul.

Eric Bolling in the clip below discusses Ahmad Massoud’s late father, also named Ahmad Massoud, who was one of the world’s greatest guerilla fighters.


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