Harris-Harvard Poll Has Some Surprising Results!


The Harris-Harvard poll had some interesting statistics. It has Donald Trump as the most popular politician, and this is coming from a left-wing poll. It suggests a good outcome for Republicans next month.

The police and military are back in favor. Good news!

Americans are most concerned about inflation, the economy, and immigration.

Here’s another interesting chart. Americans see Republicans are concerned about the same issues. They see Democrats as focused on J6, and no one’s voting on that. We all see it’s a show trial. It’s ridiculous.


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1 year ago

I look at Fake News and they still think Abortion is an issue. None of the issues being addressed by the Democrats are in the top 3 issues and with record cold, people are about to realized we will have a long cold winter with some of the highest prices for fuel ever. Democrats are trying to blame everyone and everything for Traitor Joe’s Energy policy, but people aren’t that stupid. People are finally realizing that Democrats lie about everything and people hate liars.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

They have their agenda and do not give one damn what the people think….they and their cohorts in the Main sewer Stream fake Media/social mediawill do/say anything(lie) to advance their cause…Totalitarian Tyranny…