Ryan Sinks Himself in the Debate, Exposing His Dumb Side


The debate with Ohio Republican JD Vance and far-left Rep. Ryan, who suddenly sounds MAGA, went to Vance last night. Ryan was so desperate that he had to launch a personal attack. What else does he have to go on? Vance now has a two-point lead over the phony “moderate.”

Come on, Ohio, you’re red, please don’t vote for the radical left.

Ryan tried to make the nothing abortion issue into an issue. Ryan said he wants to codify Roe v. Wade.

Vance said your “actual voting record here has supported abortion, without limits, up to 40 weeks of pregnancy,” and even beyond birth when it comes to babies born alive from failed abortions. “That is not the Roe v. Wade standard, Tim, and as much as you call me an extremist, you’re the extremist.”

This is how Vance responded:

Ryan 100% made up a tale about Vance saying Alex Jones is “one of the most credible news sources in the whole country.” Vance never said that, but Ryan’s desperation led him to make up quotes.

Stupidly, Ryan went into Replacement Theory and said Vance believes in ideas that inspired the Buffalo shooter who killed mostly black people in a shooting rampage. That’s a stretch since Vance has biracial children.

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