Harris’s PR stunt: Taking $4 billion tax dollars to crime-ridden countries


Kamala Harris, who votes to the left of communistic Bernie Sanders, is heading to Central America to give $4 billion US tax dollars to the corrupt, cartel-controlled nations. It’s a PR stunt orchestrated by new press spokesman Lester Holt, who is also an NBC anchor.

Harris will pretend she can fix Central America’s problems and change the weather too. She’s nation-building, something we know from George W. Bush does NOT work.

Joe Biden and his handlers clearly created the problem at the border by telling the world to come, offering them free everything including amnesty, canceling Trump’s effective border policies, and then neutering Border Patrol and ICE, effectively abolishing them. Now, the administration is paying them off as if they can solve their centuries-old problems and the weather. We can’t even solve our own.

Since she thinks throwing money at them will solve the problem, what will she do with the other 157 countries sending illegal aliens?

Camille Le Coz, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, said that boosting economic development can provide more regular income and make it easier to save enough money to make the journey to our border.

Harris set low expectations for the visit, other than giving away $4 billion dollars. She’s going to talk with them.

“It’s going to be an honest and real conversation,” she told reporters Wednesday. “I’m there to listen as much as I am to share perspective.”

Ms. Harris has had several conversations with the leaders of Guatemala and Mexico, though relations with Honduras and El Salvador appear to be more strained.

She said part of her message to Guatemala would be “the need to have very frank and honest discussions about the need to address corruption, to address crime and violence, and in particular against some of the most vulnerable populations.”

This is nothing more than an NBC PR stunt. It’s also worth noting that she has assumed Biden’s role, the role of president, in handling foreign policy.

The actual solution is to close the border, stop offering incentives, go back to Trump’s policies, and then let the CBP and ICE do their jobs.

Tom Homan speaks plainly:

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2 years ago

Why is Heels Up Harris giving US Taxpayer Money to questionable Governments? Oh yes, Democrats believe anyone can be bought off with Taxpayer money printed out of thin air that creates inflation. Why don’t Democrats just tax the poor directly. Oh yes! You can’t lie to them if you’re actually picking their pockets. If you actually pick their pockets, people will vote for Republicans.

Stinkwich Beanmurger
Stinkwich Beanmurger
2 years ago

Come on president Emhoff, it isn’t that hard to catch a clue.
Why be so obvious?
You haven’t won anything, you didn’t build that.
Having the government burn it all down just to install obsolete 19th century ideas is weak sauce.