Hating the USA, All Woke People Hate America


The woke party, the Democratic [Socialist] Party, is no longer simply involved in politics. They are a religion touting a new kind of morality, one of rewarding hatred, resentment, and victimhood.

Those who are not woke, who don’t accept their religious creed, will suffer the slings and arrows of the mob. They will be called racists, Islamophobes, sexists, homophobes. Their careers and reputations will be destroyed.

Democrats no longer love America and that is why they must change it.


They say America was created by genocide, slavery, and greed. Our nation has no redeeming qualities.  The ‘God Damn America’ creed is now the Democrat motto.  It is Democratic Party policy that America was never that great and God has no place in the town square. The USA is not only not exceptional, but it’s also worthy of our utmost contempt.

If you love America and are patriotic, you will be scorned. Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe are the heroes of reform, the guiding lights who will help lead us out of this dark America worship, sporting God, flags, Mom, and apple pie.

Not one Democrat, especially one running for president, will say anything positive about this country or its citizenry. There is nothing positive to say. They won’t refer to the country as a Republic because they see it as a socialist ‘democracy.’

If you are patriotic, you’re a jingoist.

As the party of hate mandates allegiance to their view of America, they claim the high road. It’s a dizzying gaslighting.


We must give up our health insurance to pay for the indigent from around the world. If you don’t, you are a cruel, racist mongrel.

We must tax the rich out of their wealth, taxes which will undoubtedly reach into the middle class, to pay for reparations, healthcare for all, free birth-college education and indoctrination, income for those who don’t want to work, laws that fluctuate with whoever is in power which they plan to be them, and so much more. If you don’t agree, you’re worse than not woke, you’re evil.

Abortion to the moment of birth and after is a human right and if you disagree, you’re evil.

Forgiving trillions of dollars in college loans of students who promised to pay them is a moral imperative and don’t dare say a word against it. Cost doesn’t matter in this religion.

Eliminating planes, trains, cars, fossil fuels, nuclear power, hydroelectric is the moral thing to do. You will pay a lot more for unreliable power because it’s the godly thing to do. Our economy will crash and burn and that too is a good thing. The planet will be saved. You have twelve years to do it. Last year, you had twelve years and when Al Gore first invented the crisis, many years ago, we had twelve years.

Don’t disagree. The new Democrat religion has tied all of their ideals to justice for minorities. If you fight it, you are a racist.


None of this revolution, and it is a revolution, has ever been about Donald Trump. The problem with Trump, you see, is he is resisting them. He won’t cave and he won’t go away. Now the moral Democrats are talking about hurting his followers. Jim Comey says something must be done about them and Chris Hayes wants them confronted and destroyed. He is not alone.

Violence will come and we have already seen its beginnings in Antifa.

The people who hate whites, Jews, Christians, police, the military, God, the flag, the anthem, America are in the Democratic Party and they always have been, but somehow, it’s Trump who is bad.

Orange man bad.

The clip below is from the man who told all those on the right who disagree with him to leave the state. It’s the same song being sung by Mayor Pete and other Democrat candidates.



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4 years ago

Inclusive Liberal Language Guide to destroy America: avoid using the words ‘America’ and ‘Americans’.
According to the liberal re-education camps, formerly known as universities, a long list of words and phrases should also not be used ….


John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

Into the cauldron of civil strife we jump and those of us who have studied history know the outcome will not be pretty. I do not know who will come after Trump whether it will be a Stalin, Napoleon,Hitler,or Franco, but I do know it will not be a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson,at least not for a very long time.We’re are on the cusp of the Hegelian dialectic and which way we fall is beyond human control. God help us!

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago
Reply to  John Acord

Think God is sitting this one out…we are on our own methinks. The deck has been stacked against the “righteous”…for over 40 years the “evil” has assiduously undermined and denigrated the “right, penetrating the media and the political establishment as their tentacles spread without check…until Trump….BREXIT….will they be staunched??? The next year will be interesting…should Trump NOT get a second term…all that we used to value and hold dear WILL be lost.