HBO J6 Fakery: ‘Four Hours at the Capitol,’ It was WAR!


HBO Max will air a ‘documentary’ entitled, ‘Four Hours at the Capitol’  that, according to the advertising creates a harrowing timeline of the January 6 ‘insurrection.’ The ad claims it wasn’t a riot, it was an insurrection and it’s ‘war.’

HBO Max is one of the many Soviet-style corporations that is colluding with the far-left Biden regime to completely take over the country.

It’s a completely biased version of the allegedly “shameful day in American history.” They take the limited, specifically-selected footage of the riot that makes it look terrible but it was a riot by a small number of people, not a war.

Keep in mind that there are 14,000 hours of footage the DoJ will not release. There is plenty of footage that shows police ushering people in, suspicious men in black changing into MAGA clothes, innocent people roaming around doing nothing wrong, and proof of FBI informants egging angry people on. Watch:

A war WITH NO WEAPONS??? AND MOSTLY SENIOR CITIZENS? Dumbest insurrection ever – because it wasn’t. Older people walking around the Capitol telling people not to knock over the ropes? It must have been terrifying.

A war with no casualties except the Trump supporter the police officer murdered. Watch:


The Atlantic’s Sophie Gilbert calls the documentary “a vivid, terrifying picture of violent insurrection.”

“In the days and weeks after the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, commentators and media outlets grappled with the question of what to call that event,” Sophie Gilbert began her piece.

“Language is sticky; it clarifies and obfuscates the truth depending on who’s wielding it. January 6 was described as or likened to a ‘riot,’ a ‘tourist visit,’ an ‘insurrection,’ a ‘peaceful protest,’ and a ‘coup attempt.’ And yet, watching Four Hours at the Capitol, Jamie Roberts’s tight, unsettling new HBO documentary about that day, another word seemed more appropriate to me, one that most of the participants interviewed in the film might agree on,” she continued, adding: “More than anything else, January 6 was war.”

The General in charge was…the horns guy. He’s facing four years in prison and the police gave him permission to walk around. That is literally all he did.

According to the Decider, a far left propagandist outlet, we will meet the people they want us to meet, including “a couple of Proud boys”…”who look even stupider than they already are.”

“Thousands [more like hundreds of thousands] of rallygoers arrived, their Dear Leader having encouraged them to march on down and help him use American democracy as toilet paper.”

That’s one of many vile and untrue quotes. The article goes on, trying to prove it truly was an insurrection.

In truth, most of the hundreds of thousands or rally-goers didn’t even know that went on, nor would they have ever been involved in an insurrection or a riot.

I know quite a few people who were there – nice, normal people who went to support Donald Trump because he’s not a communist trying to destroy the United States. There is no doubt the mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, laws changed at the last minute, unsecured dropboxes everywhere were meant to swing the election. And who in their right minds believes the nitwit in the White House won more votes than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama??? Watch:

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