Head of US Navy: We Must Be Prepared for the China Invasion of Taiwan


Head of US Navy: America Must Be Ready for China to Invade Taiwan

The head of the US Navy has warned that the American military must be prepared for the possibility of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan before 2024, as Washington grows increasingly alarmed about the threat to the island.

Admiral Mike Gilday, chief of naval operations, said the US had to consider that China could take action against Taiwan much sooner than even the more pessimistic warnings, Financial Times reports.

According to the Telegraph, America’s military must be ready to respond to a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan that could come before the end of this year, the head of the US Navy has said.

Responding to the Gilday remarks on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin asserted that “the U.S. needs to be fully aware of the extreme importance and highly sensitive nature of the Taiwan question,” reports Newsweek.

China will never give up Taiwan and for now they say they want to bring it into the fold gradually and peacefully, but will not rule our violence. The U.S. is escalating the situation

Taiwan is also not a NATO nation, yet when Israel was in danger, the story was different.

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1 year ago

Unfortunately, I would bet that the US would be helping China rather than trying to help Taiwan.

1 year ago

This will be interesting. Aircraft Carriers literally use millions of gallons of fuel per day and Traitor Joe has pillaged the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.