Heavily armed cartels now operate in Texas


While Governor Abbott talks about vaccinations and Governor awards, he has heavily armed cartels operating IN Texas.

America has given up without a fight.

Cartels In Texas

Everyone is getting in and they are coming from all over the world — Haiti, Africa, India, and 157 more countries.

Heavily armed cartels are operating in Texas letting out a flow of illegals who want their identity to remain secret. That can’t be good.

It is costing taxpayers $20 billion since January so far by not having a wall. The US also wastes $3 million a day just to babysit the steel and concrete that was to be used for the wall.

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  1. Ordo ab Chao. The folding of America into the CCP World Order which the “elites” have been bragging about since Nixon took us off the gold standard and opened everything up to the communists.
    Made in China means in business with China and eventually owned by them.
    Distractions such as dope, porn, drink, division, schism, sports games meant for children, hatred of the other, elevation of the degenerate and perverse, will continue as normal.

  2. What difference is there between Biden allowing our enemies to enter our country at will, and if FDR would’ve allowed the Axis forces entry to our country? Biden and the Democrats need to be arrested and suffer the maximum legal penalty.

    • As a former Californian, you are absolutely correct! I’m pushing 75 and they were here when I was a kid. One of my classmates was the son of a Mexican drug dealer who bragged about ” the family (gang) from Mexico.” Another was the daughter of another Mexican drug dealer and her brother, not related to the prior mentioned son, was also a Mexican drug dealer. THIS WAS IN THE 60’S. It is America’s fascination with illegal drugs that is causing all of these deaths and mayhem in our nation and around the world. It’s time we return to arresting and locking up drug abusers so we end the death and oppression going on here in the U.S. and among the poor of the world. STOP USING DRUGS, OPPRESSING AND KILLING POOR INNOCENT PEOPLE! You are making yourself disgusting, sick and useless to society and ultimately an enemy of the people!!! We’re sick of paying for law enforcement, cops through jail to curb your drug use. WE CANNOT AFFORD THE COST OF YOUR MEDICAL CARE. WE CANNOT AFFORD THE COST OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH CARE. So, we’re going to dry up your drug source by bombing the hell out of Mexico and middle and far eastern drug fields and put you in a desert rehabilitation camp deep in the Arizona desert that would see you dead if you try to escape. Drugs are tearing our country apart and I’m sick of it.



  3. Americans in every segment of society from coast to coast are very angry , the the Bden Occupaton is allowed to continue the destruction of America “Biden” won’t let in freedom seeking Cubans but allows a flood of Third Worlders seeking handouts, use to Socialism and Dictatorships The “Biden” Occupation has been in your face Americans the destruction of America is underway and you can’t stop us!
    About time Honorable Citizens/Patriots serving in Congress stopped the game of Politics As Usual and save America. Given lal this is transpiring, it is fair to wonder if Biden and the Democrats ae not partying in the Oval Office now that they have the cartels aiding the Biden Army conquest of the Republic!

  4. These traffickers are just parasites, two legged hookworms looking for more reason to “chime in” on the already oppressed & suppressed. Carrying weapons and ammo bandoliers, shouting orders to their mates, they appear to think to highly of themselves until THEY are the one being pursued. They are not as macho as they think they are and will eventually meet their OWN demise. Sometimes they are killed by rival or competing gangs/cartels. Other times they may be taken out by the very ordinary people that have had enough of their relentless intimidation and terror. No parasites can survive without being able to preying on their host. Corruption runs so deep and concealed in the justice system in so many countries [including the US]. Sometimes the only answer is for the oppressed and the preyed upon is to become vigilante and hunt down the hunters. This has happened in areas of Mexico before. https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303559504579198280757965184

  5. A few ex-military snipers well placed along the border could take out these cartel members with little effort. Let them rot where they lay.

  6. Have the Fish and Game people set up a “season” for Cartel Thugs.
    Then inexpensive “tags”.Perhaps two dozen per sportsman annually.
    No more Cartel problem

  7. The Cartels exist in the hundreds,each having well armed armies in the thousands.They are arriving daily from every nation on the planet,not just Central and S America and Mexico. Now is THE worlds golden opportunity to get rich quick at America’s expense.The looting of America has begun and mercenaries and contractors have been arriving for years waiting for this opportunity. Like Piranha these creatures will kill and devour anything in their way.

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